Thursday, September 27, 2007


Alright, so I've begun the process of writing actual chapters. No more random segments or scenes here and there...well, not at the moment anyways. I'm going to try and work chronologically, for you alls sake.

So chapter 1 is in the making. Its still being cut and edited because I'm a perfectionist and I'm having a hard time finding a way to make closure with the chapter. Anyways, so I'll give you a little taste of what I'm working on:

I felt like a rock. Not in a physical sense. I was more fragile than a snowflake when it came to my physical being. I was an emotional rock, a robot programmed not to frown, cry, furrow my brow in grief…nothing. It wasn’t because I didn’t feel emotions. On the contrary. I was feeling thousands of emotions at that moment. Shock, pain, grief, confusion, and above all amazement. I was amazed at how short life can be. I was amazed at how much my life was out of control at this very moment. But mostly, I was amazed at the girl sitting next to me, the expression on her face the exact same as the night she informed me of Olive’s death. It was smooth and blank, her eyes glazed over and her mouth in a perfect line. At this point, I felt that if she could keep this calm fa├žade, that I could too.

This is the first paragraph...give me input, guys! I need critique so that I may improve.

Character description of Kaylee coming up soon!

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Sarah Lambson said...

I am jealous of you. You write much better than I do. Anyway, so far everything is awesome! I wish I had some good constructive criticism, but your doing so well so far.

By the way, since I am reading and commenting on your story blog, I expect the same thing from you!

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