Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's the DL

Alright, folks. So as you all *hopefully* know, I have been playing around in my mind whether or not to actually write a story telling the tale of my high school life, but making it more fictional and not as auto-biographical as one might think. And I've decided...YES! It'll be very slow and rough to begin with since I'm not sure and solid on a few details, but the title of the story (thanks to my dad) is Colt 45.
[This is a Colt .45]

The story is in my POV, but not entirely about my life. It is actually about my friend's life and her struggles. I'm only the one bystanding it all and living her struggles as I live my own. So I liked the idea of calling myself a Peacemaker, since I'm sort of this mediator in her life while she goes through high school. I bounced the idea off of my dad, and he liked it. So at first the title was going to be "The Peacemaker", but then my dad said that there was a certain type of gun in the old west that was called the Peacemaker, and that was the Colt.45. It was referred to as the peacemaker because it made people do whatever the holder wanted, so if they wanted the scuffle to cease, all they had to do was pull out their Colt.45 and state their wishes, and they'd most likely be followed, because the colt.45 was not a gun to be messed with. Anyways, the title has nothing to do with a liquor called Colt 45! Just thought I should clear that up with all you boozers out there.

So, the title could change, but in the meantime I'll be referring to the story with the current title.

As to the story, here are the main characters at the moment:
-Kaylee Foster
-Victoria Jackman
-Nathan Blake

These are the ones I've written about at least. There are plenty of characters but I haven't had a need to use them yet. But I haven't written much...so don't worry!

Thanks to all of you who will eventually be my inspiration(I hope...).



Abby said...

Hi Kirsten, this is Abby. I got to this from Facebook. :) I have one suggestion for you! You can add a RSS feed, I'm pretty sure, via a blogspot option. The feeds will automatically send watchers updates, so we don't have to keep checking this page to see -if- it's been updated! :) Again, just a suggestion, and perhaps something you don't need if you don't plan on having a larger audience reading this, yet.

Abby said...

Awesome title, btw!

(and here's some more info on RSS feeds if blogspot doesn't provide any: http://searchenginewatch.com/showPage.html?page=2175271)

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