Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Be Patient

The worst part about being in my junior year is that the teachers never let up. So I'm constantly going to be buried in homework which means I can't spend time on the story. So be patient during these long times where I don't give any little bits and pieces or whole chapters. But I will try to update you all as much as possible. Just bear with me, kay?

Working on:
  • Chapter 2, of course
  • Developing supporting characters: Celeste, Joseph, Emerson
  • Filler in between key moments
  • The epilogue(I'm getting ahead of myself)
  • main conflicts
The next piece that you should be expecting is Chapter 2, which has a full outline, just isn't written into readable form yet. But, again, bear with me. I have a research paper due Thursday and ample other stuff to do. Friday, I should be able to get TONS of stuff done.

Anyways, just a reminder, you don't have to have an account to post comments. And please don't shy from doing so. I love hearing from EVERYONE!

Here's a little preview of Chapter 2, completely unedited and fresh out of my head:

I was very conscious of my body at that precise moment. This was it. My eyes were focused, intent, unwavering while my body was intense, tight, ready to spring. Sweat rolled off my neck and arms, creating tiny sensations all across my body, but this didn’t distract me. It was me and my target that lay across from me. I was poised and positioned.

Enjoy. :]

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