Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Developments

I've been contemplating a way to change the main conflict and story to better fit a central mood and theme, and I think I was able to center on a good one. My original idea just wasn't working, so I had to boot it and create a completely new idea. The main event is still scheduled to be written, so its nothing too drastic, just a shift in thinking and the overall outcome.

I will begin editing a few things here and there and posting new additions to the story, and watch as the new idea unfolds. Its bittersweet, I'll warn you. Nothing extremely happy is to come out of the ending. Especially for a few characters.

As of right now, I want you, the readers, to decide what you want to read. Do you want the chronological kind of stuff or do you want random things here and there? Because if you want chapter 3, I'll give you chapter 3. If you don't, then I won't bother with it right now.

Have a good Thursday night.


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