Saturday, December 8, 2007

Minor changes

Small minor changes that are currently planned:
-There will be only one death.
-Emerson leaves for a while
-Epilogue will be a few years after the event, not a few months.
-Life lesson is completely different, but it still involves relationships and acceptance, just a complete 180 than what I originally had going.
-Celeste's role is quite bigger. I wasn't planning for her to have a major role, but she'll play the part of the unintentional mentor and guiding rope for Tori.
-The title is going to be different. I was trying to make "Colt 45" work, but its not going to so much anymore...hmmm. Now I have to think of something else.
-Certain details about Nathaniel will be changed, especially at the end. I originally had him dying, but he's not anymore. He'll live! :]
-Kaylee and Joseph's relationship is going to change, well, at least what happens to them at the end will change.

I can't think of anything else thats going to be different in a minor way. Anyways, stay tuned, as I will be posting Chapter 3 relatively soon.

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