Sunday, November 25, 2007

OFF HIATUS...I think????

So, I have more time now to write...but trouble is...I have no ideas. My mind is shot. All creativity out the window. The only things that I can manage to type onto this screen are scattered, cluttered, and completely off the track that I wanted to be going on. My focus is diminishing, and I'm terrified that all my hard planning and work is going to be all for nothing. Plus, crises in my life haven't been helping my situation. So just bear with me as I write things here and there, not really having any chronological order.

I will be having much much MUCH more of Emerson and Tori. So don't be surprised as this story evolves into something more Tori/Emerson-y. But thats all I can really think of at the moment.

If you want another approach to a story, check out my not-so-recent-anymore blog:

This will contain ideas here and there that I have. None of them will be extremely long, seeing as I don't have all the time in the world. But check it out. Humor me.

Again, thank you for being a good support for me and my ambitions. Its very much appreciated. I feel good knowing I have a wonderful support team right behind me. Just be patient as I get through these next 3-4 weeks of semester. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Special shout-out to Tamara: Thank you so much for being exactly what I needed during this extremely rough time. You created enough of a distraction during the beginning of the month that I was able to realize that there is more to life than high school. You guided me single-handedly(well, except for my family) through that particularly hard time and still have fun times and laughs to spare. And thank you for sharing your time that would be spent on the RIHLA with me. You'll do fine on it. Don't fret. :) Please don't let this year's experience get you down, and I'll help you in whatever you need. Oh, and thanks for eating those cookies yesterday. I'll be sure to give your mom the recipe. She'd better not blame me for ruining her diet ;).

Much love,

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