Saturday, March 29, 2008


As you have probably noticed, I removed the last post. Tamara was kind enough to tell me that I finally crossed the line that most authors shouldn't cross when writing a book based off of real people: I made her so neurotic that she didn't even recognize herself. But, funny enough, Steven did! So maybe I wasn't so far off after all...just kidding, Tamara :-).

Anyways, I do have a lot of things written down to put on here, its just that I can't seem to find the time to type it up. But I've also been contemplating this story. It'll be very on and off, as usual. So don't think I've completely abandoned it. But I do have an interesting new idea:

1. Instead of me writing events as a day-to-day thing, how about I do something like using the prologue as the present and I'm remembering landmark events in the past and write about them, using dates, months, etc.


October 12, 2007

School was a drag that day...blah blah blah blah yadda yadda...


the memories of that day still flood my memory...

January 5th, 2008

This day was particularly eventful...


This would make my life lots easier. I can focus on landmark events and not have to find filler between those things. And it'd be more interesting. But I'd have to completely ALTER the beginning and start all over again(relatively speaking). What do you all think?

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